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The texts are in English and German. I would like to present some samplings of my prose, poetry and drama, as well as poetry by authors I have translated.

I am dedicating this website to my friend Herb Andress, who enabled me to write my second novel, The Assembly-Line Prince. I owe him so much. By providing material for me, he breathed life into the novel I always wanted to write, as well as the play by the same name. The novel was completed three decades ago, and the play two decades ago. I regret that I could not give him the pleasure of publication and production. I tried very hard but I did not succeed. Segments of both are on this website. The theme is Casanova-hood, or Casanova-ism, if you will.

By playing the drums again at a “mature” age, I found the key to writing about the music that has been so much a part of my life, which resulted in Swing Men and Women. Here are poems from that collection, as well as portraits of musicians by guitarist Manfred Markowski. Manfred is the man who brought me back to the activity that led me to verbal expression.

Smokers and non-smokers are especially welcome to this website. They will be confronted with the pros and cons of that activity, with the emphasis on the cons. If I can get a chuckle or two between drags and coughs from the smokers, I’ll be grateful. To add to your enjoyment, there are collages by my artist friend, Padhi Frieberger.

Another topic I have “touched upon” is “remigration.” This word is a neologism, which means coming back to where you have been driven out. Returning to my birthplace has given me a unique opportunity of writing on Third Reich revisionism and violence under the guise of art. These topics interlink like pieces of a puzzle to reveal how the past manifests itself in the present.

On the road I have traveled, I have met many people who have been my friends and have done wonderful things for me. I name my mentor, Emile Capouya, who encouraged me over the years and published two of my books.

And I would like to express my gratitude to Carl Huber, who gave me this opportunity of gathering and presenting my literary and musical material. I could not have made a move on my own. I am one of those people who were born with two left feet in a technical sense.

Film clips have been provided by another friend, Fritz Kleibel.

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>>Otto Mühl – ein Taboo-Thema?


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